Bauer Unimpressed With Food at Company, but Enjoys Warm Atmosphere

Company moved into the former Tao Cafe space.
Company moved into the former Tao Cafe space. Photo: Noe Valley Blogspot

In yesterday’s print edition of the Chron, Michael Bauer checked out the Mission’s Company (1000 Guerrero Street) and finds a warm and nostalgic space rich with culinary legacy. Owner Thuy Nguyen generously greets diners, but Bauer says the rest of the service is “amateurish.” The food is wishy-washy: the confit chicken wing starter deserves “a more elaborate presentation,” while other appetizers like the grilled Monterey squid “were generally well prepared, but often contained too many ingredients.”

The main courses “also suffered from the more-is-less syndrome.” Bauer describes the roast organic chicken salad as “a luncheon salad, circa 1985,” and the desserts “just miss the mark.” While he notes that the restaurant is still a work in progress, it “needs an editor who can add and subtract ingredients judiciously to bring the food to the next level.” Final verdict: two stars. [Chron, Earlier]