Improbable Combinations We Can’t Wait For: Andrew Brochu and Uberstein


If you had to guess where Andrew Brochu, celebrated chef of long-closed Kith and Kin turned unceremoniously dumped chef of Graham Elliot, would turn up, it seems safe to say that Wicker Park’s Uberstein, a German-themed sports bar, would not have made the top 100. And well, Uberstein proper is probably not where he’s ending up. But local food writer and onetime Grub Sub Carly Fisher tweeted the news this morning after running into Brochu last night: Uberstein has a new owner and will close in its present incarnation January 1, to reopen January 9 with Brochu at the helm.

Reopen as what, you ask? We doubt it’s as Uberstein Zwei Punkt Zero, but rather as a new concept, but that remains to be seen. What Fisher did hear, though, was that it will bring back some Kith and Kin-style comfort food dishes— and if you don’t recall that short-lived Lincoln Park spot, it produced some of the most imaginative and skilled high-end comfort food this town has ever known. When we interviewed Brochu at Graham Elliot, he was resistant to reviving any of his existing dishes there, but if that confit’d fried chicken were to come back, it would be a great day for Chicago dining. Story developing… happily.