Allston Yacht Club Finally Ditching Name; Muddy Leek Soft Opening Next Week in Culver

Miles Thompson
Miles Thompson Photo: The Vagrancy Project/Tumblr

Echo Park never seemed to be the yachting type, despite having a lake. Hence, it was a mystery (despite various detailed explanations) why Bill DiDonna and Charles Kelly opened their restaurant as Allston Yacht Club a few years ago. Even after a menu revamp, the team behind Allston (struggled to maintain the restaurant business and offered up the space for pop-ups in September. With the success of Vagrancy Project’s, and impressed by young chef Miles Thompson’s cooking, AYC will no longer by AYC come. After the remodeling, the new name of the restaurant will be Allumette. This seems to be an Alma for Echo Park, so hopefully there will be no $175 steaks on the menu.
Allston Yacht Club becomes Allumette with Miles Thompson as chef [LAT]

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Echo Park Tries to Stomach a $175 Steak

Eater LA reports the opening of Muddy Leek is set as December 17. Chef Whitney Flood, who trained at New England Culinary Institute, will present farm-to-table menu with appetizers priced between $5 and $17, mains between $25 and $28, desserts between $7-$8. We somewhat wish Muddy Leek had retained the Bon Melange name which was the catering firm Flood operated since 2006. It would’ve made Culver City drenched in Frenchiness again after the death of Le Saint Amour. 8631 Washington Blvd, Culver City [Eater]