All Your Burritos Belong To Someone; Japan Film Fest Shows Free Food Anime

La Oaxaqueña Taco Truck - Carne Asada Burrito
La Oaxaqueña Taco Truck - Carne Asada Burrito Photo: All Your Buttoris Are Belong to Us/tumblr

This is just too fun to ignore: from the Great Taco Hunter Bandini himself comes “All Your Burritos Are Belong to Me”. Granted, the meme is rather tired and old, but for all those tired of running after tacos, burrito chasing is the new black. [AYBABTM] During this week’s LA Japanese Film Festival three Anime shorts will be presents for free (Sunday, December 16). It is impossible not to be excited for shows titled: “The Soul of Sushi”, “The Secluded Monster! Toriko, Capture the Garara Croc!” (?), and “Ramen Battle!”. RSVP by emailing: with heading “RSVP - Top Chefs Animation”.