Abe Lincoln Leads to Healthy Eating, Marilyn Monroe to Sinful Snacking

Mmm, salad.
Mmm, salad.Photo: Library of Congress

Researchers at Northern Kentucky University have decided that sex doesn’t sell healthy eating. Instead, symbols of platonic commitment, like Abraham Lincoln, motivate consumers to choose wholesome snacks. They conducted this incredibly scientific study by showing under 100 college students photos of Lincoln and Monroe, followed by a menu of snack choices. Sixty percent of kids who saw a photo of Lincoln chose a healthy snack afterward, but less than 30 percent of kids who saw Monroe did the same — they opted for candy. But isn’t it possible that these Southern young’uns were turned on by Abe? They could have gotten confused and thought he was Daniel Day-Lewis. Or a sexy vampire hunter. Or a hot bearded hipster from Williamsburg. Just sayin’. [Live Science via The Daily Meal]