7-Eleven Going Healthy, Still Pissing Off East Village Residents

Big Gulp.
Big Gulp.

Since 7-Eleven conveniently found a loophole in Bloomberg’s soda ban, it’s surprising that the convenience chain is now focusing on healthier food options. The company announced that by 2015, 20 percent of its sales will come from fresh foods (up from 10 percent). New menu offerings include snack packs of hummus and pita, crudité, yogurt cups, and even hot Cuban sandwiches. While this move is vaguely morally conscious, it’s certainly financially motivated. The markup on fresh foods is hefty, and 7-Eleven’s got to compete with Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks (which is now serving booze!).

This news hits as territorial East Villagers are protesting the opening of a 7-Eleven on Avenue A and East 11th Street. You know it’s a serious boycott when someone carves “Fuck 7-11” into the sidewalk (two times) and makes stickers with smiley faces. Maybe locals will warm to the store now that they can get portion-controlled chili cheese nachos.

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