50 Photos That Tell The Story of 2012 in Chicago Food


If you’re at the office, it’s going to be a quiet week, so quiet you could fire a T-shirt cannon and not hit anybody. So we’re going to help you kill time by looking back at the year in food 2012, as we chronicled it here at Grub Street Chicago. Today we go through the dozens of slideshows we’ve run this year to tell the story in pictures. It’s chefs you know and love, it’s food to salivate over, it’s events from EMP at Alinea to Edzo’s at Lollapalooza— it’s 50 carefully curated (to use a very-2012 word) examples of food porn, mostly by our man Huge Galdones and ourselves, but with some other shots by various friends-of-Grub-Street. Watch it below (each one links to the original slideshow it came from, if you want to see more of anything). Then come back tomorrow for great interview moments, and Friday for a look back at our favorite videos.