World’s Weirdest Restaurants to Visit So-Not-Weird Tattooed Mom Tonight

Not weird at all.
Not weird at all. Photo: Tattooed Mom

Food Network Canada’s World’s Weirdest Restaurants touches down here today to shoot an episode at Tattooed Mom. In and of itself, that’s pretty righteous. Though it failed to make the cut on Foobooz’s just published Top 50 Philadelphia Bars 2012 list, the fact that the South Street institution is perhaps one of the last places in this town where folks from all walks of life gather to bend elbows in an atmosphere free of airs and pretenses, the attention is well deserved. But aside from the name, which isn’t really that weird when you start to consider just how many moms these days bear some sort of ink, the joint’s hardly unusual at all. From the network that presents Guy Fieri as some sort of fried food-loving every-dude, a bar full of gracefully-aging tattooed hipsters sipping PBR pounders and munching on vegan cheesesteaks is hardly weird. Cameras start rolling at 5 p.m.