South Street’s Lorenzo and Son’s Pizza Finally Making Progress After Fire

There's still a long way to go.
There's still a long way to go. Photo: Naked Philly

Four months and change have passed since fire knocked South Street’s iconic Lorenzo and Son’s Pizza off the block, and sadly there’s been little progress made to bring the popular refuge for hungry, late-night drunks back to life. Well until now, anyway. Naked Philly’s eagle eyes spotted work going inside the burned-out slice spot. Apparently work is underway, and, boy what a job! All of the pizza shop’s equipment has been removed, as well as the rear wall, and part of the floor. The remainder has been stripped to the bones. The best estimate for Lorenzo’s big return is several months. Bummer indeed, but the most important thing is, it will indeed rise from its own ashes one day. [Naked Philly]

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