What To Eat at Pranzo Moderno, Open Now

Photo: courtesy Pranzo Moderno

John DesRosiers is the type who sees an opportunity and seizes it to make a difference. Highland Park has lots of daytime traffic, what’s there is mostly fast food (and one of them, a Corner Bakery, just closed)… so the next thing you know, he and chef Phil Rubino worked up a menu of lunchtime specials built on the quality ingredients that they use for the nighttime menu at Moderno, and turned the more casual front part of Moderno into a lunchtime cafe called Pranzo Moderno. It’s sandwiches, soups, salads and panini, not exactly unknown things in these parts but clearly a cut or two above the fast food that decorates so many suburban downtown strips these days. If you find yourself in that area, you’ll be glad to know about it (as you should be glad to know about Moderno’s nighttime offerings, which we showed off here). Check out the menu below.

Pranzo Moderno [PDF]