Watch Homaro Cantu’s CookING Under Pressure Here

Photo: courtesy CookING Under Pressure

Homaro Cantu, as is his wont, built up the debut of his in-house-produced CookING Under Pressure in a way that suggested a big network TV debut, only for the answer to be that it would actually run— for free, to the people!— on YouTube. But we’re all for things being available to everybody on the internets, especially videos about food, and what we’re really for is the freedom of getting to tell your own story in your own way without having to retrofit and phony it up into what makes salable network food TV. (Exhibit A of what happens when restaurants and food TV personalities get into bed too incestuously.) So watch the first episode— about the creation of the Nightmare Before Christmas menu at iNG— below, without any network TV executive who came over from Spike telling anybody how they need to change it to attract more 18-34s or any of that babble.