Verily, Your Tax Dollars Will Be Wasted Defending Bad Food Truck Law


The recent food truck ordinance, and the games that have followed it coming up with spots for food trucks that violate the ordinance but appease well-connected downtown restaurateurs, had bad policy written all over them, being pretty clear violations of any sort of restraint of trade laws. And the great thing about bad policymaking is, first you pay government to create it, then you pay for lawyers to defend it. To no one’s surprise, the Institute for Justice, a libertarian group which has fought food truck ordinances already in places like El Paso, will file a lawsuit against the City of Chicago on Wednesday. But more to the point, they made a video parodying the opening of Game of Thrones, apparently, to tell their story. (We wouldn’t know, we stopped paying for HBO around the time they canceled Deadwood for that show about the guy with the big equipment. Which is not what the references to “Schnitzel King” in this video are about.) Anyway, as 4-minute videos on legal issues go, it’s quite entertaining, check it out below.