Vegas Party Train Planning to Leave the Station in 2013

Your trips to Vegas are about to get blurrier
Your trips to Vegas are about to get blurrier Photo: Alantankenghoe/Flickr

Remember that proposed party train that would ferry drunkards between Vegas and L.A. while putting the “loco” back into locomotive? The concept is chugging closer to reality now that a deal was forged with Union Pacific Railroad last week. The debut of this $100 million dollar “night-club on wheels” is planned for New Year’s Eve 2013, though negotiations over laying new track or using an existing one so the train can stretch to Fullerton, plus the construction of a new station in Downtown Vegas, could conceivably dash that optimistic expectation. When it does finally pull out of the yard, train fare may be priced at $99 and include a meal and the first of many drinks to fuel you through the five-hour trip. And speaking of hard-partying, previously announced plans involved a possible contribution from seafood chef Rick Moonen, tapped to lead the on-board menu. Just think, if this vision is actually realized, you’ll be sick of Vegas before you even get to Vegas! [The Province]