Now the Other DeLorenzo’s Is High-Tailing It Out of Trenton

Endangered pizza-like species.
Endangered pizza-like species. Photo: Philly Phoodie

Last year saw the end of Trenton’s famed DeLorenzo’s Tomato Pies, the 65-year-old standard-bearer of the endangered crisp-crusted pizza-like species known in and around the Garden State’s capital as tomato pie. Now it appears that the last vestiges of the DeLorenzo’s legacy will soon disappear all together from its motherland. Times of Trenton reports today that DeLorenzo’s Pizza, the erstwhile tomato pie-maker’s sister operation, which has served the same Chambersburg neighborhood, but only since 1961, is shutting down. It’s not all bad news though. Owner Rick DeLorenzo Jr. plans to relocate his family’s business to nearby Hamilton next year. And to carry on his heritage, he plans to bring along the pizza shop’s original ovens. Still the really bad news is the grim picture the piece paints of Trenton, which makes it seem like something out of The Road Warrior. [Times of Trenton]

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