Trader Joe’s Opens In Former Nob Hill Cala Foods [Updated]

This would be the fourth TJ's in town.
This would be the fourth TJ's in town. Photo: Google

The retro-awesome Cala Foods “wondermart” at Hyde and California, in Lower Nob Hill, has finally reopened as Trader Joe’s, exactly one year after closing. The neighborhood is delighted, since they’ve wanted this thing for years now, but the developer is probably a little miffed about the whole thing since they wanted to raze the building and build condos over the store. But nobody would have that because, clearly, it’s a cool building built in 1960 the likes of which we don’t see so much anymore, and San Franciscans like to save things. (This is the same developer, Prado Group, who’s putting up the condos at Dolores and Market where the Whole Foods is going, across the street from Safeway.) Let the lines for parking begin! [SF Business Times, Earlier] Update: A tipster informs us the store actually opened today at 8 a.m., though the official opening is next week.