Is the Starbucks Index New York’s Version of the Waffle House Index?

Coming back.
Coming back. Photo: Getty Images

Starbucks locations around the city are starting to reopen (uptown, at least), and that’s good news for people who need their soy latte/Wi-Fi/electricity fix. Per The Wall Street Journal, the coffee chain has reopened about 150 locations in New York, while another 150 remain closed. So the Pike Place roast is slowly trickling back into New Yorkers’ blood streams — but are these reopenings also a metric for the recovery of the city at large?

Much like the Waffle House Index in the south — wherein people measure post-storm recovery based on how many Waffle Houses have reopened — the Starbucks Index might actually be a usable thing in New York, where there’s a green, mermaid-emblazoned shop on basically every block.

Anyway, FEMA’s not using this particular measurement just yet, but we’re still happy to see pumpkin-spice lattes (and at least some semblance of normalcy) returning to the city.

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