The Situation Files $5 Million Lawsuit Over Vodka Endorsement Deal

Whey to go!
Whey to go! Photo: Patrick McMullan

Back in 2010, nightlife entrepreneur Drew Adelman bonded with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino over a shared love of muscular totalitarianism and body fat elimination, and the two struck a deal over Adelman’s Devotion Vodka, a grain neutral spirit fortified with a casein called PeptoPro. The Jersey Shore star didn’t get all of his fees, so he’s suing for his share of the company, an amount that is not likely to be $5 million, but that’s the figure everyone’s reporting. In other news, those Greek yogurt titans of upstate New York have millions of pounds of excess whey on hand because it turns out it four pounds of milk are needed to make one pound of Fage or Chobani. So if someone wanted to open a rival whey-infused vodka company, for example, we know just the place they should look for raw ingredients. [The Spirits Business, NPR]