Taco Bell Menu Turning Increasingly Experimental, Strange-Sounding

We're not even sure what this is.
We're not even sure what this is. Photo: Taco Bell

As you no doubt know, Taco Bell is killing it with those Doritos Loco tacos, and apparently the success is giving the chain the confidence to go even more loco on its menu. Today Advertising Age runs down all the crazy crap Taco Bell is working on to further the success of its hybrid snacks. In addition to a bunch of desserts — caramel-filled empanadas, churros that look like a take on cheese twists, an triangular ice cream sandwich — there’s also a forthcoming series of snacks known as “Loaded Grillers,” which will wrap entire servings of nachos and baked potatoes in tortillas for its loaded customers. The Gut-Bust-y approach isn’t going unnoticed by the competition.

Taco Bell’s new menu expansion is pushing McDonald’s to start getting a little trippy, too. The Golden Arches plans to experiment with an update on its Chicken McBites by unleashing “Fish McBites” on the country. Are we ready? More urgently, all of these slightly stranger items have us kind of curious: Are American fast food restaurants entering into their avant-garde phase?

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