Video Feed: The Next Two Contestants Battle Flames For The Table, Donkey and Stick Gig

Photo: Sky Full of Bacon

Watch Alpine inn concept Table, Donkey and Stick pick its new chef in real time! Watch diners judge the food (and maybe be one of them)! There’s never been a series like this and it’s happening right now here on Grub Street. In this episode, the second pair of contestants show how they’d execute Alpine food in the midwest. First up, from Monday night, is Brian Beverly, a Bonsoirée and Stephanie Izard veteran, who among other things explains why trout and salt cod are totally legit for mountain food (a question that’s come up several times among diners). Then he’s followed by Tuesday night’s chef, Sean O’Hara, who sees Alpine food as being part of what good chefs are already doing in the midwest. If the first two nights seen in Part 1 went smoothly, these dinners verge more into Kitchen Nightmares territory, with everything from late arrivals backing up the kitchen to a waiter catching fire. (We’re not exaggerating.) But even so, you’ll find the food delectable to look at, as the diners did eating it. Watch this latest 8-minute episode below, and watch for openings to the very last dinner, Monday night, at the Table, Donkey and Stick Facebook page.

Here’s the latest episode:

And if you missed the first two chefs, here they are again: