Have an Instant Party With This New Booze Delivery Service


What do you do when you have eight people at your house and it’s raining (!) and the corner store is just way too far to walk? Enter Swig, a new liquor and beer delivery service that at least in its debut season will not be ripping you off with surcharges. As Thrillist points out, they only tack on four dollars as an “ID checking fee,” and it behooves you to order in bulk — six packs of beer, which come in seven varieties including Fat Tire, Corona, and Lagunitas IPA are all just $8.99 per six pack, and the ID checking fee remains flat no matter how many you buy. Also, we note that a bottle of Tanqueray is pretty standardly priced at $22.99. The service is SF-only for now, serving only the neighborhoods east of Divisadero and north of the Bayview/Excelsior (see the delivery area here). And they’re operating until 10 p.m. during the week, and until 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. A beer run may still be faster if the store is on your block, but clearly less cool. [Thrillist] Update: As we discover from the Swig team, they’re actually partnering with local businesses who already sell alcohol, and they’re not licensed to sell it themselves. The idea is to drive business to those businesses that already have the inventory, and thus, the prices aren’t that bad.