Gas Stored in Soy Sauce Containers Starts Blaze at Sushi Restaurant

Incendiary. Photo: videoarcheology/

A sushi chef at Eno Asian Bistro & Lounge was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment on Friday night when a busboy toting the gasoline he had been storing in soy sauce containers in the basement of the restaurant caught fire while moving it. FDNY Fire Marshalls say that 42-year-old Fei Teng had ten gallons of rationed gas stored in two foodservice buckets meant for soy sauce and had been periodically dispatching staff members to fuel his family’s cars. On Friday night, a busboy spilled some gas he was carrying through the restaurant’s kitchen, which burst into flames. Sandy relief workers helped put the fire out quickly, but three staff members suffered first- and second-degree burns. [CBS]