Naturally, Citron and Rose Is the Subject of Solomonov and Cook’s First Jewish Exponent Column

Woodword and Bernstein, or Cook and Solomonov?
Woodword and Bernstein, or Cook and Solomonov? Photo: Collin Keefe

As if keeping their blossoming restaurant empire humming along at its current clip wasn’t enough to keep Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook occupied, this week as they roll out Citron and Rose, the two also debuted a new recurring column in the Jewish Exponent. The first installment, as you might guess, focuses on that latest venture, which opens tonight in suburban Merion. Sure, its a well played publicity move, but at the same time, the restaurateur’s rap provides glimpses of all that went into getting the glatt kosher restaurant up and running. The explanation of how all the kitchen’s equipment was immersed in a mikveh for ritual purification alone is worth checking out. [JE]

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