Slideshow: The Beautiful, Imaginative Macanese-Slash-Global Food at Fat Rice

Arroz Gordo at Fat Rice.

Asian with a dash of European sausage making… there are days when we would buy that as pretty much the perfect combination for the rest of our life. But fortunately we don’t have to make a deal with the devil for that combination— it comes naturally to Macau and other places where the Portuguese had an influence. And so it comes naturally to Fat Rice, Logan Square’s new and pretty much instantaneously popular contemporary Asian spot with a strong Macanese influence (but tastes from all over the globe), from the former proprietors of the X-Marx underground dinners, Abraham Conlon and Adrienne Lo. Our man Huge Galdones was on the scene last week, and here’s the first comprehensive look at the beautiful, fresh and eye-opening food they’re making in their very open kitchen (grab a bar stool for the best view).

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