Slideshow: Inside the Ultimate Event of 2012, the Midnight Ramen at EL Ideas


What would be the perfect Chicago foodie event of 2012? Well, let’s think about it. It would need to be at a hip place with very limited capacity, like EL Ideas… it would need to be about a retro-trendy authentic food people get passionate about, like ramen… and it would need to draw all kinds of with-it, a-go-go people you know and see on the food scene. Well, alas, it didn’t draw the Landan Twins, but otherwise, the Midnight Ramen event Saturday night following the Chicago Food Film Festival fits the profile to a T. Staged by Kitchit Chicago, a new organization specializing in chef-driven events, it brought legendary Japanese ramen-maker Keizo Shimamoto to Chicago to show off his craft. Our man Huge Galdones was there, and even we wondered if he could get a slideshow out of a bowl of soup, but seriously, the next best thing to being there is the way Huge captures the feel of a rockin’ ramen event. Check it out.