Shamrock Selection Reopens at Tom Bergin’s

Tom Bergin's
Tom Bergin's Photo: Tom Bergin's/Facebook

Have you ever wanted to see your name in green? Tom Bergin’s is announcing the reinstatement of the legendary Fairfax tavern’s shamrock dedications, choosing which regulars will get their names scrawled on one of the many paper placards littering the walls. The entire Bergin’s crew will nominate restaurant guests at a monthly staff meeting and following a loya jirga, one winner (sometimes more) will be picked. Even better, the lucky winner gets a party thrown on their behalf to welcome them into Bergin’s very own hellfire club. To weed out the attention-starved, guests can’t really enter themselves, so you may just have to sit there a lot and look cute. The bar tells us this is more of a return to its original selection process, after a punch card system resulted in too many fair-weather visitors hitting it for the required ten times, then never calling again. Now, you only get up on the wall if you’re a true regular (or a moderately skilled tagger).