Schulzies Bread Pudding Sets a Date: December 10

Schulzies' classic bread pudding, served cold.
Schulzies' classic bread pudding, served cold. Photo: Courtesy of Schulzies

After some considerable delays, Schulzies Bread Pudding is planning to open at 364 Hayes Street on December 10. We first heard about the new location of the Venice Beach-based Schulzies back in January, and we’re glad to know we weren’t lying when we put in our Fall Preview slideshow. As Hayeswire reports, Sarah Schulz is proud to put the “pudding” back in bread pudding, and has cultivated a light recipe that she prefers to serve cold, though can sometimes be found warm, and comes in 108 flavors — but only a few will be available at a time. Also, there will be Equator coffee and espresso. Will this usher in a new bread pudding trend? We shall see. [Hayeswire]