Savory Landlord Responds to Paul Shoemaker

Savory Photo: Savory

“I have read Mr. Shoemaker’s letter to the Malibu City Counsel and others dated November 16, 2012. Regrettably, he has attempted to use the press and local politicians to throw fuel on his business dispute with me and my company. When parties to an agreement or other relationship have a dispute, and one side consistently runs to the press or others to publicize his version of the story, rarely does that person tell the story in a manner that makes himself look like the one at fault. I intend to pursue this matter in the proper (hopefully private) forum, and wish Mr. Shoemaker well in his new venture.”— Point Dume owner Zan Marquis, in a statement, responding to last week’s letter from Savory chef and former partner Paul Shoemaker.