Saveur Debuts Online Cooking Show

To schmaltz or not to schmaltz.
To schmaltz or not to schmaltz. Photo: Hungry/YouTube

If you liked New York’s “Eat Cheap” video series on YouTube’s Hungry, be sure to check out Saveur Magazine’s “Dueling Dishes.” Each of its six episodes pairs two chefs who square off with their versions of the same dish. The first installment pits Eli Sussman of Mile End Deli against Quality Meats’ Craig Koketsu; latkes are involved, and Gabriella Gershenson serves as referee and judge. What say ye? Future episodes will include the biggest, baddest Bûche de Noëls ever, a thermonuclear meatloaf-off between Dan Holzman and Joey Campanaro, and an ice box pie cooldown with Kieran Baldwin of the Dutch, who goes up against the formidable Nancy Olson of Gramercy Tavern. “Dueling Dishes” officially debuts tomorrow, but like Little Orphan Annie says, tomorrow is always a day away, so go check out the first episode here. [Hungry/YouTube, Earlier]