Watch a Trailer For Reverie, Starring Red Medicine’s Jordan Kahn

Reverie Photo: Chayka Sofia

Natasha Subramaniam and Alisa Lapidus, the film-making duo known as Chayka Sofia, are paying tribute to the visually striking plates and grassroots sourcing of Red Medicine chef Jordan Kahn in a new film called Reverie. The movie was recently screened at New York’s Star Chef Conference and will be shown on the indie film circuit in 2013. The filmmakers tell LAist, “[Kahn’s] dishes are like landscapes and stories in themselves, carrying a lot of beauty, whimsy, depth, and heart…with a cuisine that is truly visionary.” They say that future subjects for their films could include Paul Shoemaker of the recently shuttered Savory and kaiseki-artist Niki Nakayama of N/Naka in Palms. They also express admiration for Tim Carey at Papilles and an interest in creating “a film that delves into heirloom varieties or extinct cultivars.” Check out the trailer for Reverie below.

Food in Film: Chatting With the Creators of New Movie Based on the Culinary Creations of Chef Jordan Kahn [LAist]

REVERIE Official Trailer from CHAYKA SOFIA on Vimeo.