R.I.P. Art Ginsburg, Mr. Food

Photo: AP/Youtube

The food world has lost an important and adored member of the family, Art Ginsburg, otherwise known as Mr. Food. He died at 81 at his home in Weston, Florida, after complications from cancer. More than thirty years into his career, the ever-modest butcher-turned-chef had appeared on countless television shows, published more than 50 cookbooks, and had lent his name to a line of kitchen equipment. Here he is cooking “Shrimp Mariachi” with Conan O’Brien in 1997, and in the AP video below, from 2010, Ginsburg replies to fan mail from an adoring young fan. Ever encouraging and always enthusiastic, he empowered thousands of home cooks to pick up pots and pans for very first time.

TV Chef Art Ginsburg, Mr. Food, Dies at 81 [AP]