Watch René Redzepi Ferment the Hell Out of Some Grubs and Grasshoppers


It may seem strange to some that René Redzepi’s influence on the contemporary restaurant culture is so widespread and pervasive. The Copenghagen-based chef at Noma, after all, wants to sprinkle your sorbetto with live ants (they taste like lemongrass, some say) and is the same guy who handed out vials of cricket paste last month at a New York Times talk. The chef reveres an open-source approach to new techniques, has conveniently and awesomely joined Vimeo, and is now offering up some Fermentation 101 videos. Click on through to get schooled with four recipes that cover everything from bug sauce to yeast petit fours to “pea-so,” which takes the legume in a salty new direction. Bonus: It’s all set to some pretty zippy music.

Grasshopper Garum from Rene Redzepi Noma on Vimeo.

Lacto-Fermented Plums from Rene Redzepi Noma on Vimeo.

Yeast Petit Four from Rene Redzepi Noma on Vimeo.

Pea-so from Rene Redzepi Noma on Vimeo.