How To Make a Pig Face at Girl & the Goat

It's in there.
It's in there. Photo: Galdones Photography courtesy Serious Eats

It warrants no fewer than two “don’t look at this if it’s going to gross you out” warnings— and yes, the shots are Lecterishly grisly for those who don’t work in kitchens. What is it? It’s a slideshow at Serious Eats Chicago documenting the creation of one of modern Chicago’s most iconic dishes, Girl & the Goat’s famous “roasted pig face,” which is a classic Italian head cheese, testa, served with an egg and a few other things. This is what whole animal cooking really means— using all the meat from every part of the animal, rather than wasting it and serving only the choice cuts— and we think everyone who’s serious about eating should at least be serious about looking it in the face. The photos are by our man Huge Galdones. [SE Chicago]