Pig & Pie Finally, Finally Serves Pork Pies

That's all pork, ladies and gentlemen. No fillers.
That's all pork, ladies and gentlemen. No fillers.Photo: via Instagram

“We finally have pork pies,” announces Pig & Pie on 24th Street, “Completing the promise of our name.” The announcement comes just a few weeks after former Presidio Social Club cook Derek McCarthy took over the five-month-old kitchen and remade the menu at the Mission sausage and pie emporium. Up until now the place has only served sweet pies, but they’ve finally gotten their first savory meat pie on menu, and it’s made with mostly shoulder and belly meat, seasoned and stuffed in a hot-water based dough specific for meat pies. “It’s all meat,” says owner Miles Pickering. And, he adds, that they’re developing a chicken pie as well which should be availble within a couple of weeks.