PETA Protesting Hot’s Kitchen Today

Foie protestors at Wilshire restaurant
Foie protestors at Wilshire restaurantPhoto: Hadley Tomicki

PETA announces its intention to descend on Hot’s Kitchen in Hermosa Beach today, the same restaurant the animal rights group says it’s suing over the free servings of foie gras offered there after the state-wide ban took effect. A PETA press release says members will hold a protest over lunch service, bearing signs that say “Stop Selling Foie Gras” (of course, Hot’s is not, considering the ingredient is being giving away) and “Tortured Ducks and Geese” (not a full sentence, but how much script can one sign can hold?). PETA will also hand out flyers and generally make everyone eating there feel bad about it. Luckily for Hot’s, it’s a rainy day, meaning both potential protestors and potentially turned-off customers will stay away from the beach come taco-time. But really nothing against PETA or anything. We totally get this. As food bloggers approaching a traditionally slow news month, we also miss the foie gras fight, even if it supposedly ended back in July.