Mama Burger’s Burger Is Missing in Coney Island

Where's the beef?
Where's the beef? Photo: Paul's Daughter / Facebook

While reports of looting in Brooklyn’s southernmost neighborhoods continue to come in, here’s a lighthearted story with a relatively cheerful ending: During the storm, it seems, the ‘Mama Burger’ figure went missing from the rooftop of Paul’s Daughter on the boardwalk. Owner Tina Georgoulakos put out an APB on the large fiberglass lady, described as between six and eight feet tall and having chin-length brown hair, who was last seen wearing a sleeveless blue shift and holding a beer and a hamburger. Mama Burger, who is at least 40 years old and weighs a few hundred pounds, was recovered from the Paul’s Daughter’s rooftop yesterday afternoon. Her jumbo hamburger, however, seems to have rolled off during the storm. It was last spotted in the middle of West 15th Street. [Paul’s Daughter/Facebook, Earlier, Related]