Let the Great Pappy Van Winkle Shortage Begin (or Continue)

That's kind of a big pour.
That's kind of a big pour. Photo: Craiglduncan/Wikimedia

Shouts from David Chang and Anthony Bourdain have helped increase the demand for any and all bourbon bearing the Pappy Van Winkle name. A mere 7,000 cases of the stuff are produced each year, and the Post reports that the range of the company’s bottlings are increasingly scarce on liquor store shelves throughout the city. It is thought that various unofficial endorsements of foodstuffs and liquor made by figures like Chang and Bourdain drive people insane, causing them to immediately raid their local liquor stores, for example, or call Allan Benton every day to find out when they can get some of his awesome ham delivered. [Atlantic Wire, NYP]