Oliverio Cooks Up a $500 Truffle Burger

Photo: Tuscanycious/Flickr

Ever since the day Daniel Boulud introduced a $27 house burger to DB Bistro, then broke the triple-digit barrier with a foie gras and truffle burger, patty-pricing one-upmanship is one of those gimmicks we just have to live with, half-snickering, half-curious along the way. Mirko Paderno of Avalon Hotel’s Oliverio is the latest to spring one of these attention-getting burgers on L.A., introducing a new Hamburger al Tartufo for $500.

The burger includes truffle cheese and two ounces of fresh white truffles on top of a twelve-ounce Kobe beef patty. The restaurant’s reps clammed up when pressed to confirm whether the beef being used is actual high-priced Japanese Kobe from the limited supply now hitting the U.S. or you know, “Kobe.”

But they are requiring anybody with $500 burning a hole in their pocket to pre-order the burger 48 hours in advance and pre-pay for the thing.