North Shore Stalwart Dengeo’s Coming to Uptown

Not the Uptown location, we're pretty sure.
Not the Uptown location, we're pretty sure. Photo: courtesy Dengeo's

Normally, a Greek hamburgers-gyros-chicken place coming to Chicago would be well short of news. One, because we have a million of them already, and two, because they’re usually nothing special— frozen burger patties, premade gyros cones, baked ribs, the kind of family dining meal that does in a pinch but rarely stands out or inspires love. That said, north shore stalwart Dengeo’s may follow the model but it ranks near the top for generally solid execution of the standard menu, so we’re a little more interested to learn that it will be opening its first city location (the other two are in Skokie and Buffalo Grove). Surprisingly, it will be in Uptown, which is a long ways in more ways than one from the suburbs; Dengeo’s will take over and completely remodel a former cheap steak joint location at Wilson and Broadway. No date is set yet for opening. [Uptown Update]