Will The Menu After Next: The Hunt Be Next: Vegetarian?


An interesting postscript to today’s story on Next: The Hunt, the first of 2013’s Next menus, due in January. We mentioned that there might be some flak from the kinds of vocal vegetarians who respond to any meat-relishing published piece, and Nick Kokonas tweeted in response:

@GrubStreetCHI perhaps the menu *after* the Hunt will ameliorate the concerns about wild game.

A vegetarian Next menu? “Vegetarian menu” is not a phrase that typically gets our blood racing, but when it’s done with artistry (and an eye to breaking vegetarian-restaurant cliches), it can be impressive, and perhaps there’s something more to it than merely vegetarianism— an Asian spin? Next Jain? Who knows? It might make season ticket sales a bit harder to cover such opposite bases… oh, we forgot, it’s Next, tickets will still sell out in minutes. Watch for more as this story develops.