Time Travel Is in Fact Possible When You Drink Old Liquor

Fernet? Only if it's 47 years old.
Fernet? Only if it's 47 years old. Photo: Fratelli Branca Distilleries

That’s our takeaway, anyhow: The Times talks to a subset of bartenders who make cocktails with old bottles of liquor. Some are on a mission, others seemingly mix away for the hell of it. The Experimental Cocktail Club will serve you a fifties-era $200 cocktail made with Gordon’s; Vintry Wine & Whiskey has plenty of old blended whiskeys awaiting your dabble; and the septuagenarian Chartruese at Pouring Ribbons runs $125 an ounce. Salvatore Calabrese, otherwise known as the guy behind the Most Expensive and Oldest Cocktail Ever Made, makes all sorts of cocktails with antique booze at the Playboy Club in London and explains all the decade-hopping whistle-wetting. “You can see history, read about it, touch it, so why not taste it?” [NYT, Earlier]