Mission Pie Scores Federal Funds for Solar Panels

Photo: Courtesy of Mission Pie

Late last year, Mission Pie began installing a solar panel array on the roof of their building at Mission and 25th. As co-owner Karen Heisler tells Grub Street, that made them eligible for a one-time tax rebate under the 2009 Recovery and Reinvestment Act. “This funding made the project something that we, as a small business, could go forward with. If it hadn’t been available, despite the state and city funding, I think we wouldn’t have made the plunge.” They’ve installed a meter in the dining area with some information to educate customers about how it works. And so far this year solar energy has helped them lop off 25 percent of their energy costs. Heisler was especially grateful today when they got the check in the mail for their rebate, just a month after they’d completed their filing for it. “This administration works hard and quickly on what matters,” Heisler beamed, and just in time for a little election that’s happening next week.