Mile End at LES Tenement Museum; Turn-of-the-Century Election Cake

• The proprietors of New York’s favorite Canadian-Brooklyn Jewish deli, Mile End, will join the Lower East Side Tenement Museum for this month’s Culinary Conversations. The tasting menu will include skewered chicken gizzards, lamb bacon, and latkes, with a healthy dose of New York immigrant history. [Grub Street]

• The New York Public Library tweeted a 1907 menu that included an “election cake,” including the recipe. Apparently cakes and elections go hand-in-hand, probably because they soothe you if your candidate loses — or if your candidate wins, taste that much sweeter. [Gothamist]

Walrus and Carpenter, a CSA-style oyster farm, assures us that it will fulfill its holiday oyster orders as planned. Pickup dates begin November 21 and run through December 31. [Grub Street]

Buttermilk Channel will be offering 10 percent of its sales to St. John’s Bread and Life, a Brooklyn organization that serves hungry New Yorkers. [Grub Street]