Mile End’s Smoked Meat Is Now More Expensive, But Deal With It

Still worth it.
Still worth it. Photo: Hannah Whitaker / New York Magazine

When Sandy destroyed Mile End’s Red Hook production kitchen, owner Noah Bernamoff had to overhaul production in order to keep the business going. The Meat Hook is handling production of its salami and lamb sausage, and Bernamoff has turned to the smokers at Fleisher’s in Kingston to keep the brisket coming. Between curing, smoking, and now the extra commute, the deli has raised the price of its smoked meat sandwich, from $12 to $14, eliciting complaints. “It’s like, I’m breaking my back to keep this running despite how shitty our situation has been recently,” Bernamoff tells the Local East Village, “and someone cares so much to sit down and write some Facebook message about a sandwich they had that was maybe $1 to $2 more expensive?” We’ll take two, please. And a large poutine. [Local EV/NYT, Earlier]