Bauer Loves the View, the Brunch, Some of the Seafood at Mission Rock Resort; Hirsch Has Good Sushi at Tekka

Mission Rock Resort
Mission Rock Resort Photo: Virginia Miller/Perfect Spot

In Sunday’s Chron, Michael Bauer offered up his thoughts on the newish Mission Rock Resort, formerly known as Kelly’s Mission Rock before being rehabbed and improved by Peter Osborne (Pete’s Tavern, Momo’s) this year. He finds himself enchanted by the view, both from the deck and from indoors, and says, “The interior is pleasant but hard to remember because all eyes are on what’s outside.” As for the food, it’s “good enough,” especially the $75 seafood platter, the fish and chips, and the line-caught dorado. But, “when chef Sam Ehrlich gets creative, the results are mixed.” He recommends the eggs Benedict at brunch, saying overall they do a good brunch. But the service, on his four visits, was “uneven.” The verdict: two stars. [Chron]

And at the Examiner, Jesse Hirsch snags one of the ten much-sought-after seats at Tekka (537 Balboa Street) in the Outer Richmond. He writes, “Everything — from the monastic simplicity of the menu, to the time spent in line, to the hushed air in the dining area — spoke to a ritualized religious experience,” and after waiting for the first of their two nightly seatings (7 and 9:30), he says, “I don’t care how good the food is. At this point, they’ve convinced me I’m lucky to be eating it.” It turns out the sashimi platter is “sublime,” helped all the more by the theatrics of the place. [Examiner]