The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, But Will Flow Freely at McGillin’s Today

Who's your forefather?
Who's your forefather? Photo: Courtesy Indian King Tavern

You’ve braved the cold, the long lines, and more than a year of heated political bickering back and forth from both sides just to fulfill your most fundamental duty as a citizen of this country today. Now what? Well, surely our forefathers would’ve kicked back with a couple rounds of beers while awaiting the final tally of votes. And as a red-blooded American — provided you’re the drinking type — you should do the same. Appropriately enough, McGillin’s Olde Ale House, which has been watering the tree of liberty with perfectly pulled pints and well-poured cocktails since the year Abraham Lincoln was elected president, is offering Yards Brewing Company’s Ales of the Revolution — General Washington’s Tavern Porter, Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale, and Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce — for $3 all day today. Go ahead and have a toast to democracy. Just don’t be a buzzkill and discuss politics, though.