Listen To Your Favorite Chicago Food People Instead of Your Relatives This Weekend

WGN Radio likes food lately.
WGN Radio likes food lately.

Lots of food people you know, from publications all over town, were on the radio recently. Curiously, it wasn’t Thanksgiving or anything like that that’s responsible for the fact— only Michelin seems to be a primary cause behind radio producers suddenly taking an interest in our local food folks. But whatever the reason, if you’re looking for something to listen to while doing the dishes this weekend, check out some of these radio highlights from the last week or two.

• At WGN, Milt Rosenberg discussed the Chicago food scene with Penny Pollack of Chicago magazine, the Reader’s Mike Sula, and Time Out Chicago’s Julia Kramer. Most fun for the generational gulf between Sula and Kramer and Milt, whose sense of the food scene was formed before they were eating Gerber’s out of jars. Listen here.

• The Morning Shift on WBEZ had Louisa Chu and Julia Kramer on to pick through Michelin’s leftovers with host Tony Sarabia; go here, the food part starts at about 17:20.

• Also at WGN, Nick Digilio talked food with Helen Rosner, our predecessor as Grub Street Chicago editor and now editor of, here.

• And our man Huge Galdones talked how to be a great food photographer with Flavor HD hosts Hannah and Dane here.