50 Pounds of Liquid Meth Uncovered in Tequila Bottles

Totally forgot to bring the limes
Totally forgot to bring the limes Photo: Davidsonscott15/Flickr

California Highway Patrol busted two sneaky mixologists on Monday after pulling over a car loaded with fifteen tequila bottles filled to the cap with 56 pounds of liquid methamphetamine. Yahoo! News reports the discovery was made in Fresno, where meth-infused cocktails are quickly overtaking Grey Goose and Red Bull. Cops stopped the Oregon duo on this popular drug-trafficking route and brought out the K-9 unit after noticing both “acting nervously.” Valued at over a half-million dollars, the seized contraband confirms theories that liquid meth is increasingly becoming Mexican narco-traffickers’ favored form of distributing the drug, with a police spokesperson warning, “At this level of amount, it is going to be distributed all over the place. Once it gets to the final form…it’s going to be disseminated throughout the country.” Anyway, this sorta puts your bottles of over-proof blanco and scorpion-spiked añejo to shame.

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