KronnerBurger Launches With Limited Hours, Crab Burger

It's a big 'un.
It's a big 'un. Photo: Courtesy of KronnerBurger

As we discussed earlier, Chris Kronner launched his KronnerBurger pop-up over the holiday weekend at Bruno’s (2379 Mission). The full menu is now online, and features some intriguing cocktails from The Alembic’s Daniel Hyatt, although the bar guy is going to be Locanda’s Gabriel Lowe going forward, with a different list of boozy treats. On the food side you have the signature burger with optional bone marrow, a “Nonmeatburger,” and a crab burger, not to mention onion rings, a wedge salad, a whole plate of marrow, and fries with the optional poutine-i-zation of curds and gravy. As the Scoop notes today, hours are limited for now, with Sunday and Monday evenings definite, and a 4:30 to 8 p.m. happy hour on Saturday (Bruno’s uses the space for overflow crowds in the later evening). He hopes to be open seven days a week soon (see Facebook for updates). Eventually, though, in the coming months, we should know where Kronner will be moving permanently, and it might even be two separate spots — one in the Mission and one on Polk. [Scoop, Earlier]