Let’s Get Ready to Gobble: Garces and Vetri Put $10k on Turkey Bowl IV

The Turkey Bowl trophy on display at Amis
The Turkey Bowl trophy on display at Amis Photo: Brad Spence

The Eagles on a losing streak this season means the hottest gridiron action this fall will be Jose Garces and Marc Vetri in Turkey Bowl IV, the annual football game that pits the two chefs, and their respective staffs against each other in a Thanksgiving Day showdown. Vetri tells Grub that like last year, this year’s bout takes place at Franklin Field. And again, both teams are coughing $5,000 for a combined donation of $10,000 for the victor’s charity. In this case, that’s the Vetri Foundation for Children, and the Garces Family Foundation. Will Team Vetri retain the coveted Turkey Bowl trophy (pictured), or will Team Garces deliver an upset? The only way to find out is to go. Kickoff is at 9 a.m. sharp.