Of Course Someone Involved in the Petraeus Sex Scandal Appeared on Food Network

Jill Kelley, not cooking alligator.
Jill Kelley, not cooking alligator. Photo: Chris O'Meara/AP/Corbis

Jill Kelley, the Florida woman whose initial complaints about harassing e-mails set the entire Petraeus sex scandal in motion, has apparently been in the spotlight before. Sounds like she and her twin sister appeared in a 2003 episode of a no-longer-in-existence Food Network show called Food Fight. There isn’t any footage online (yet — give it like three more hours), but according to an old write-up in the St. Petersburg Times, Kelley and her twin sister took on two brothers in an alligator cook-off.

It’s tough to tell exactly what they made (or who won) since the write-up offers no spoilers of the episode, which hadn’t aired at the time of its writing. But digging deep into Food Network’s recipe archives reveals a recipe for Spicy Middle-Eastern Alligator with Rice Pilaf and Tabbouleh Salad, coming from a mysterious entity called “Team A ? Sisters”. (Compare that to the three gator recipes that come from “Team B ? Brothers.”)

So what does this have to do with the actual scandal? Well, nothing. But it’s further proof that everyone in America will at some point wind up on a cooking-competition show.

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